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What is Insurance Money used for?

  • Minimize SCAMMER.
  • Increase your account value.
  • If the unfortunate event occurs, this amount will help victims refunded.

Example: (see here)

Urabit User ($1,500)

          • Urabit's username: Urabit username
          • Perfect money account: Uxxxxxxxx( PM user)
          • Bank account: [VCB: xxxxxxx, TCB: xxxxxxxx, ACB: xxxxxxxx]
          • Liên hệ: (Skype: xxxxx) (Telegram: xxxxx) (Phone: xxxxx)

          Method of operation:

          • You will have to send the Urabit Support  an amount of insurance in advance.
          • After that, the Management Board will update the money insurance for you in the member information (Example).

          Withdrawal of insurance money:

          • You must notice 1 week in advance for you to resolve all complaints (if any).
          • Your infomation in "Exchanger Hub" will be remove.

          Insurance Money Deposit wallet:

          1. USDT (ERC20): 0x6f4113DfF08F1c17250c1Bb9e8853DE3E57B289e
          2. USDT (TRON20): TEz4Fw5Zuo8e66vUxqGkJPZJ28Xy9Yai7T

          *Contact Support to update your information in "Exchanger Hub"